Monday, June 3, 2013

Power of Music Mondays: “My Give A Damn’s Busted”

Power of Music Mondays
by Allison W. Gryphon

“I'd like to give it one more try, but, my give a damn's busted.”

There is that moment in fighting cancer, when it hits the core of your being. A friend and co-worker recently pointed out to me that, in my fight against cancer, my give a damn is truly busted and then she sent me this song.

Feisty. Empowering. Tough. It’s a good one to get your fight on against cancer and sometimes a damn good theme song is the difference between wanting to get up and face the day or not. This one gets me moving every time.

Click Here to purchase My Give A Damn’s Busted from the album Delicious Surprise on itunes.

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"My Give A Damn's Busted"
Well you filled up my head with so many lies
You've twisted my heart 'til something snapped inside
I'd like to give it one more try
But, my give a damn's busted
You can crawl back home, say you were wrong
Stand out in the yard and cry all night long
Go ahead and water the lawn
My give a damn's busted
I really wanna care
I wanna feel something
Let me dig a little deeper
No, sorry, nothing
You can say you've got issues
You can say you're a victim
It's all your parents' fault, I mean after all you didn't pick em
Maybe somebody else has got time to listen
My give a damn's busted
Well your therapist says it was all a mistake
A product of the Prozac and your codependent ways
So who's your enabler these days
My give a damn's busted
I really wanna care
I wanna feel something
Let me dig a little deeper
No, still nothing
It's a desperate situation
No tellin what you'll do
If I don't forgive you, you say your life is through
Come on give me something I can use
My give a damn's busted
Well, I really wanna care
I wanna feel something
Let me dig a little deeper
No, man, sorry
Just nothing, no
You've really done it this time
My give a damn's busted

About Power of Music Mondays

I received many gifts while I was going through my cancer fight. They were all amazing and helpful. What stands out to me more than anything is music. The songs and playlists I was sent became a huge part of my treatment. It’s the one thing you can always have close by. It can turn you around and slip itself around your soul to make everything ok, if even just for a moment. Looking back, I'm not sure how I would have done without it. ~Allison

The Power of Music is extraordinary. The right song can inspire, empower, comfort and redirect anyone. Cancer fighters and their families are no exception.

Every Monday, The Why? Foundation will celebrate a song and an artist that has given us a musical gift.

If you have a song that has helped you or someone you know fight the fight, we want to hear about it. Please send an email to with your story and your song.

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