Friday, April 13, 2012

I just opened one of my many cancer fight journals to a page that begins with, “Cancer is needing someone to put your hair in a ponytail because you can’t.” The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes, which expanded the surgery. I had a lymph node dissection, which severely limits the range of motion in your arm. It’s amazing what you can’t do by yourself. Lifting my arm at all was a challenge. Putting my hair in a ponytail myself was a fantasy. Fighting cancer is a team sport. Thank you Team! xo Allison

Monday, April 9, 2012

Full Recovery. Pain Relief. Emotional Understanding.

Karen Joubert and I met after I was diagnosed with Stage IIIa breast cancer and had undergone a mastectomy and lymph node dissection. I had poor range of motion in one arm from the surgery and was facing chemo, radiation and more surgery. Karen and "Team Joubert" were extraordinary in every way. They helped me learn more about my body and how to identify and convey what I needed to heal. It wasn't long before I had full range of motion...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pilates Plus/SPX Fitness Got Her Through Breast Cancer

October 10, 2011. Breast Cancer Survivor Allison, W. Gryphon with
Fitness Expert and Pilates Plus/SPX Fitness Founder, Sebastein Lagree.
Two Weeks After Chemo Ended and Two Days Before Reconstructive Surgery.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Behind the Scenes of What the F@#- Is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It?

Steven H. Applebaum, M.D., Hematology, Medical Oncology explains
chemotherapy and shares his own skin cancer diagnosis.
RN Nurse Navigator Tina Ivie shares her story of being diagnosed with
Breast Cancer while working as a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator.
Sam Kaufman shares the battle he had with Prostate Cancer.
Kristin Chenoweth shares the story of her mother’s four battles with
cancer and how her mom’s courage has changed her life.
Allison W. Gryphon mid-interview with Don Hahn.

What the F@#- Is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It? is currently filming and due to be completed in late 2012.