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by Kathryn Ferrara & Allison W. Gryphon

Peggy Eddy Miller. Married for thirty-one years. Four kids. Owner of two family run Kansas City businesses, MMG Frozen Drink Rentals Company and Memory Productions Videos. At 57, Peggy was happily living life when her 24 year old son, Bret, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

What do you do when you get that call? After fear, shock and the feeling of helplessness ripped through her world, Peggy pulled it together.

Surrounded by family and friends, she fought for her son by educating herself, being pro-active with the doctors and holding tight to prayer. Peggy took on cancer as her son’s primary caretaker and self-proclaimed “administrative assistant” which as any cancer fighter will tell you, is of the upmost importance.

After a mastectomy and four rounds of chemo, there is no evidence of disease in Bret’s body.

With her newfound knowledge and fierce courage, Peggy supports her son’s campaign to raise awareness and fight breast cancer through The Bret Miller 1T Foundation and through sharing her perspective as both mother and advocate.

How did cancer come into your life?
It took seven years and Bret with the lump under his right nipple and a doctor finally thinking it was something more than calcium.

When was your son diagnosed?
April 28, 2010. Bret was driving from his first job to his second and the doctor calls his cell phone, not even asking could he talk or anything, and says, “I just wanted to let you know you have cancer.”  Bret was on a busy traffic way and almost wrecked his SUV.  Then he called his dad. We both were at our office desks and I said, “Was that Bret?” and he said, “Yes. The doctor called and he has breast cancer.”

How did you know what to do?
My instincts took hold and I called the doctor, who was not available of course, so I called a good friend who works in pathology, Mary. She said, “Calm down. He will get through this.”  She told me to get the pathology report and she would let me know what was going on.  I got the report.  The first words out of Mary’s mouth were, “Bret can beat this.”  That was all I needed to hear. 

How did your world change with your son’s diagnosis?
We were in cancer overload.

What was the hardest part of watching Bret fight cancer?
Not being able to take the pain away.

What was the best part of fighting cancer with Bret?
The people we have met along the journey.

How did you get through the day-to-day of Bret's cancer fight?
Lots of prayer.

What advice do you have for friends, family and co-workers of cancer fighters?
Pray and give support.

What advice do you have for medical professionals?
Listen to your patients.

What advice do you have for other cancer fighters?
Fight. Do not give up.

What are your hopes and dreams for Bret?
To continue spreading the word of awareness and early detection.

For you, in one word, what is cancer?

To learn more about Peggy, Bret and The Bret Miller 1T Foundation, visit

Next week we will post our interview with Peggy's son Bret.

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